Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lessons from Loretta..

My grandmother was probably the most influential force in my life. Its funny because as a child, we bumped heads alot and many of the things that she said to me did not make sense until I grew older but I have a deep and sincere gratitude for the lessons she planted when I was young. So many of our young people are simply allowed to grow older without someone taking the time to raise them or even loving them enough to say things that at the time get on their last nerves. We assume that children will automatically know how to be kind, how to be a good friend, how to share, how to respect themselves and others, or even simply how to love. But all of these things are "lessons" and "how can they learn without someone teaching them.." So here are some quips and lessons from Loretta..thanks Grandma

1.  Everybody that smiles in your face isn't your friend..if you are lucky you will only get a handful of true, life friends in your lifetime

2. Don't turn in anything with your name on it that is sloppy or half done...(i used to cry when she made me rewrite my homework until I got it right...thanks grandma--its gotten me through two and a half degrees and good work ethic)

3. "Go back into your room and do not come out until you are friends again" (this came after i tried to give my best friend all of our toys back after an argument...she never let me let things fester too long..thanks Grandma)

4. As a woman, it is always important to have your own...never let anyone be your everything

5. If you want to have a friend, then you have to learn how to be a friend

6. If you dont know how to do it..get a book and look it up

7. Say what you mean and mean what you say...and there's nothing worse than a LIAR

8. Don't sleep the day away....

9. "A watched pot never boils...." (this was her favorite phrase that always made me patient)

10. "No I'm not paying you for good grades...thats what you are SUPPOSED to do..."

and my all-time favorite..."Remember, I'M your best friend always.."

It wasn't always in words but in actions. She was my example of strong womanhood. She sent cards to her friends for everything and was proud to announce that she maintained many of her relationships from childhood. She could make a whole meal out of nothing and taught me how to never settle for anything less than my best. Mediocrity was never an option. I wonder sometimes who I would have become if I wasn't forced to go to those afterschool math programs or if she wasn't so particular about my friends. I wonder how far I would have made it in school if she didn't rip up my homework because it was done "half-assed" as she would say and just let me turn in anything just to say it was completed.  I wonder how I would handle conflicts in my life if she didnt force me to go back in the room and "work it out" or else I would get into trouble.

Thank God...I will never know. Thanks Grandma for loving me enough to get on my nerves growing up...though you are absent in body, your lessons and your impact in my life will live for generations....

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